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Statistical Information

Sources for statistics (emphasis is by topic - Energy, etc.)

Data Sources

Many of the following sources are publicly available to anyone. Some are from a list at Princeton University Library, which maintains a comprehensive annotated list of data available to its students and faculty.

Finding Data

Tips for Finding Data

Ask yourself - Who has to compile this information? Who needs this information? 

Then consider the time-frame and the geography needed.

The U.S. government, or state governments and universities (public and private) conduct research. Many times, the raw data from this research is available (but not always). It typically would be free, but there are exceptions.

Organizations and companies also conduct research. This typically would be a charge, but there are exceptions.

Note that there is likely a delay in accessing data after it is compiled. From a private publisher, it could be due to an "embargo" (paying clients get exclusive access for a time period). From a government agency, it could be due to the extensive number-crunching, or to staffing levels.


Contact regional offices of federal agencies.

Contact state headquarters offices of Georgia (or other state) agencies