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Societies -- Conference Papers

Research Guide for Society Papers

GT Library Catalog

Check the GT Library Catalog for print and electronic society publications.

Society databases and indexes

ACM. Association for Computing Machinery

AIAA. American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics

AIAA paper. AIAA microfiche collection. Catalog record for TL501 .A688 A22X. 1963-2003, 2005-2006 (some issues missing). Library Service Center, Remote Storage

The Finding Guide to AIAA Meeting Papers. Catalog record for TL501.A688 A222X. 1981--1998. Library Service Center, Remote Storage. A few AIAA papers were not filmed and will not be in this microfiche collection.

AIChE, American Institute of Chemical Engineers

  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers. [Annual] Meeting. Papers [microfiche]. (1979-1999, 2002) Catalog record for TP155.A35x, annual meetings [Microfiche].
  • National Meeting of AIChE. Papers [microfiche]. (1979-2000). Catalog record for TP155.A36x, national meetings [Microfiche].
  • Check the GT Library Catalog for AIChE conference proceedings and journals.
  • The collection of selected papers is split between those papers presented at the "national" meetings (usually two or three per year) and the "annual" meetings (one per year). Papers that have been microfiched are held by the library. Unfortunately, the microfiche are not in order by paper number. It is therefore essential to go to the specific meeting's Program to learn the microfiche number for the paper in question.
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers. Annual meeting; program (1979-2000). Catalog record for TP155.A353X.
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers. National meeting; program (1979-1992, 1994-2000). Catalog record for TP155.A363X.
  • For papers not on microfiche, the paper may have been published elsewhere as a journal article or a conference paper or it may not have been published at all.
  • Many AIChE papers are published in the AIChe Symposium Series or in journals and conference proceedings. Search the GT Library Catalog for the Symposium Series, proceedings or journal titles.

AIP, American Institute of Physics

ASCE, American Society of Civil Engineers

Cumulative index to ASCE publications, Catalog record for Z5852 .A42X ; Library has: 1930--1984, Library Service Center, Remote Storage. ASCE publications information 1983-1995 and ASCE publications abstracts 1966-1982, Catalog record for TA1 .A48X Library Service Center, Remote Storage

ASME, American Society of Mechanical Engineers

  • Several dozen series of ASME papers beginning in 1983 are bound. The series should be searched in the GT Library Catalog. Two examples are ASME WA/AES (Winter Annual: Advanced Energy System Division) or ASME HT (Heat Transfer Division).
  • For ASME papers older than 1983, some were published in various proceedings and journals of ASME. To identify the proceedings and journals, use the indexes below.
  • Index to place of publications of ASME papers 1950-1977. Catalog record for Z5853 .M2 I52X 1981. Remote Storage
  • ASME technical paper number list [1963-1987]. Catalog record for Z5853 .M2 S33. Remote Storage
  • ASME Indexes to Publications (1968-1981). Three sections: ASME Miscellaneous Papers, Index to Mechanical Engineering, Index to Transactions of the ASME. Catalog record for TJ1 .A7745. Remote Storage
  • Seventy-seven year index: technical papers, 1880-1956. Catalog record for TJ1 .A774. Section One 1880-1939, Subject/Author Index. Section Two 1940-1956, Subject/Author Index. Remote Storage
  • Subject & author cumulative index to transactions of the ASME, 1957-70. Catalog record for TJ1 .A7741X. Remote storage.
  • Directory of ASME gas turbine technical papers [ASME International Gas Turbine Institute] 1956 to 1987, 1987-1991. Catalog record for TJ778 .A75X 1987 ; TJ778 .A75 1980. Remote storage.

IEEE, Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers

Georgia Tech Library's online IEEE Xplore subscription includes access to the full-text of IEEE content published since 1988 with select content published since 1872 from: IEEE conferences and IET/IEE conferences and IEEE journals, transactions, and magazines. Search the GT Library Catalog for individual earlier IEEE society journals and IEEE proceedings and IET/IEE proceedings not in IEEE Xplore.

IET, Institution of Engineering and Technology. Formerly Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE)

Conference proceedings from 1994 up to the present are available. The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) was formed in 2006 by the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE). IET Journals: The IET Journals access is available from 1872-present.

MRS, Materials Research Society

OSA, Optical Society of America

SAE, Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE technical paper [microfiche] (1969- 2004); some issues missing, Catalog record for TL1 .S55X and Catalog record for TL1.S58x; the microfiche collection is in order by paper number. Use indexes and databases to identify microfiche paper numbers and publications; Remote Storage. SAE Mobilus 1998 to present. Cumulative Index of SAE Technical Papers; Catalog record for Z5170 .S612X 1990 (1906-1964) and Catalog record for  Z5170 .S62X (1965-1993). Selected SAE papers can be published in SAE Special Publications, in SAE proceedings, in the SAE Transactions, and in various SAE journals. Annual Index/Abstracts of SAE Technical Papers (1984-2007) Catalog record for TL1.S62X; SAE Transactions Catalog record for TL1.S6 1927-2007. SAE Technical Literature Abstracts (1975-1998) Catalog record for TL1.S67x.  Remote Storage.


SME, Society of Manufacturing Engineers

SME engineering technical paper [microfiche].(1973-2001). Catalog record for TS176.S65x [Microfiche]. This collection is in order first by year, then by two letter code then by number, so if you know that, you can go straight to the microfiche. If not, one of the following indexes may help identify paper numbers. Remote Storage

SME Technical Digest (1971-1999). Catalog record for TS176.S67x. This index includes SME papers along with journals, books and proceedings.

SPE, Society of Petroleum Engineers

Society of Petroleum Engineers. Technical papers [Microfiche] (1980-1994). Catalog record for Z6972.U685 [Microfiche and print index]. Society of Petroleum Engineers Technical Papers: Index to the Microfiche Collection (1955-1994). Catalog record for Z6972.U685. Remote Storage.


SPIE, International Society for Optical Engineering

The Library owns most SPIE proceedings before 1998.  Search the GT Library Catalog by the individual conference proceedings title and/or by the volume number. Earlier name was Society of Photo-optical Instrumentation Engineers (SPIE).

Databases indexing selected conference papers

The Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Database includes the renowned Aerospace Database and provides full-text titles from around the world including scholarly journals, trade and industry journals, magazines, technical reports, conference proceedings, government publications, and more. Click on top row "Change databases" and check left column box for "Advanced Technologies & Aerospace Collection"‎ (1962+) then click on "Use selected databases." Selected full text. Can combine with other ProQuest databases. Coverage 1962+

      Coverage 1960+

Compendex is the most comprehensive bibliographic database of scientific and technical engineering research available, covering all engineering disciplines. It includes millions of bibliographic citations and abstracts from thousands of engineering journals and conference proceedings. Combine Inspec and Compedex together; check both database boxes - both index journal and conference proceedings papers. Coverage 1884+

The Defense Technical Information Center (DTIC) provides access to citations of unclassified, unlimited documents as well as the electronic full-text of selected documents. Selected individual U.S. Department of Defense funded conference papers

   * ERIC. Selected educational proceedings. ERIC is also ProQuest ("Change databases" check ERIC box "Use selected databases") and EBSCO databases.

IET's Inspec contains over 20 million records of research literature. Inspec focuses on four main subject areas: physics, electrical engineering, electronics, computers, control, mechanical engineering, and production engineering.Includes. Combine Inspec and Compedex together; check both database boxes - both index journal and conference proceedings papers. Coverage 1896+

NTIS indexes selected proceedings. NTIS technical research reports, funded by U.S. Federal Government agencies. NTIS links to many full text NTRL PDFs.

Provides access to NASA aerospace information and domestic and international STI (scientific and technical information) pertinent to NASA's missions. Contains the searchable CASITRS (RECONselect) and NACA Technical Reports databases and databases from selected space and aeronautics centers. Includes research reports, journal articles, conference and meeting papers, technical videos, operational documents, and preliminary data (with some full-text coverage). Coverage begins with 1917.

Indexes selected proceedings papers

Cover-to-cover indexing of content is provided by Science Citation Index Expanded (1900 - present), Social Sciences Citation Index Expanded (1900 - present), Conference Proceedings Citation Index (1990-present), Arts & Humanities Citation Index (1975 - present), and more. Access to research literature through "Documents" standard access points and "Cited References" (bibliographies, footnotes, etc.) published with a scholarly paper. Clarivate platform offers multiple databases; can "search in" "All Databases" and "Collections" selected databases.


The co-authors of this Guide used significant material from a previous Georgia Tech Library Research Guide written by Mary-Frances Panettiere.