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Inspec Analytics

Inspec Analytics (free with the Library's Inspec subscription)

Inspec Analytics (IET) explores the interconnected data within the Georgia Tech Library’s Inspec database to uncover patterns and trends in engineering, computing, and physics research. With the new database, you can:

  • Discover emerging topics.
  • Find resources for publishing your research.
  • Identify collaboration opportunities.
  • Monitor the institution's research output.
  • Search for an organization, subject classification, or controlled term.

Inspec Analytics is available as part of the Inspec subscription database. This is the Library's Inspec subscription database. Go to the top row, click Search, and select the drop-down menu choice, Inspec Analytics.

The Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) uses semantic technology to connect each element of the literature indexed in their Inspec database (author, organization, publication, date, subject keywords, etc.) to create the Inspec knowledge graph. Inspec Analytics allows you to navigate this map of science to identify and compare research trends across thousands of organizations and scientific concepts.

Inspec Analytics is included with the library’s Inspec subscription. Contact your Georgia Tech Library Subject Librarian for assistance.

For additional information, review IET's Inspec Analytics user guide.

Inspec Analytics, drop down menu (top row "Search) - within the Library's Inspec subscription database