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Industry Information

Research Guide for Industry Information resources

Industry Profiles

Use an industry profile when you're not already familiar with the industry and need background information. An industry profile will typically include a summary of the industry, trends, and an outlook. Key companies and financial statistics will be discussed, along with competition in the industry.

While IBISWord is the most comprehensive, it has brief information. Business Source Complete has detailed profiles. S&P Global NetAdvantage has in-depth surveys for 60 major industry categories. Mergent First Research has brief reports, but is of interest for the questions to ask and talking points.

For consumer products and services, Passport is a best bet; it also includes detailed brand statistics.

Industry Analysis and Research

These sources, while similar to profiles, offer more granular information on niche industries. BCC Research has by far the most in-depth information for the selected industries.  Analyses from consumer surveys can be found in Mintel Academic.  CBInsights has research briefs and market reports on specialized emerging markets, with an emphasis on high-tech industries.

Industry Ratios

Ratios can be a useful tool in research industries. You can compare an industry norm with financial data of specific companies. Key ratios include: quick ; current ; price to earnings ; return on assets.

The following 3 sources list the most information. The most comprehensive is D&B's Key Business Ratios. Yet, it is arranged by the older category system, SIC; and, the ratios are listed in a book - a download would be a printed page. Many users wish to download ratios of companies into a spreadsheet. Mergent Online would be a best bet because it is public companies worldwide. S&P Global NetAdvantage also has ratios you can download for the 60 broad industry categories.