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Latinx and Hispanic Communities and Heritage

Social Issues and Activism

The Hispanic and Latinx community has a long history of activism and advocacy for a wide array of social causes. For example, our Miranda rights are based on a case against the government brought by Ernesto Miranda.

In 1966, Cesar Chavez and Dolores Heurta famously led a strike and boycott on behalf of migrant workers due to oppressive working conditions.

In 1933, Mexican women working at a garment factory in California led a walkout which resulted in better working conditions under established codes and wage scales.

US Immigration and Migration is an issue of prominence in Hispanic and Latinx communities. Here is a video about how Hispanic immigration and migration has shaped the history of the United States.

Activist and Advocacy Organizations

Finding information

Activism and advocacy continue to be important for the Hispanic and Latinx community. Below are current text and video resources for further information on the issues important to Hispanics today.