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Business Essentials

Using Specialized Business Resources

This page includes key sources for demographic information, market research, and investment information. Also included - sources for searching for small companies. There's also a link to a book on how to read and analyze a business case study. And finally, there's a link to a program from the University System of Georgia about financial technology (FinTech).

Many more sources are on these custom guides:

And - also - the A-Z database listing linked from the Georgia Tech Library home page - select the subject "Business" .

Key Demographics Resources

Quality, vetted statistics about the U.S. (people and the economy) are critical for decision-makers in business and in government.

Also, government databases - for brief statistics, easy to find --try first: QuickFacts and MCDC Data Applications by Geographic Area . For more in-depth statistics, build a search in: Data.Census.Gov ; Census Business Builder

Contact Information for Companies

Useful for developing a custom screening list. Search for small companies - by name, geography (by zip code and metro area, for example), size of company, type of business (for example, food trucks ; supermarkets). A contact listed typically indicates the job title (owner, manager).

Investment Information

Investment info. is not just for investors - analysts' summaries of companies can give insight about new divisions/units - and the forecast for growth.

Key sources for market research

Market reports - from consumer surveys or prepared by experts, can be used for in-depth analysis of specific industries (for broader analysis, an industry profile would be a good starting point; for details, search in resources for business news).  These sources might have "market share" data by brand.

Case Studies

We have a new subscription, fall 2023, to a product from SAGE -

To purchase a case from Harvard Business - most are less than $10.  Many case studies are issued by Harvard Business School's publishing unit.