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Introduction to resources for business and management at Georgia Tech

Introduction to research in business

This guide provides a starting point for resources on business and management.

Use the tabs on the side for guidance on topics within the general subjects of business, including:

  • marketing, market research, & advertising
  • company and industry research
  • demographics
  • international business
  • selected business topics - real estate, small business, sports, careers, case studies

This guide will point you to news sources, scholarly resources such as books and articles, and specialized resources for business research.

Please see these other subject guides for in-depth research:

Business books at the Georgia Tech Library

Management and Organizational Development

Library online catalog

Library Online catalog - consider using Advanced search for book titles.  If we don't have it, we'll get it borrowed from another library  via InterLibrary Loan service.

Faculty and staff - we'll deliver a borrowed book right to your office with the LENDS service.