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Patent information for Georgia Tech community

Patent landscape and analytic tools

Free or commercial tools are available to help you visualize and/or analyze your patent search result.

  • InnovationQ Plus is an IP intelligence software that delivers competitive insights and data analytics that enable engineers, researchers and IP professionals to make informed IP decisions.  
  • Lens is a free search and analysis tool that helps you discover, analyze, and map global innovation knowledge. It offers advanced boolean functions, structured search, biological search, classification search, filtering and sorting options to find the most relevant and important patents, and to visualize the landscape of technology innovation.
  • PatentsView is a visualization, data dissemination, and analysis platform that focuses on intellectual property (IP) data. It offers a unique and valuable open data platform providing free data dissemination and value-added analyses to foster better knowledge of the IP system and drive new insights into invention and innovation. The visualization tools allow the user to search for keywords, filter by location, make comparisons by attribute, and view a network of patents that shows a big picture. 
  • WIPO IP statistics data center is an on-line service enabling access to WIPO’s statistical data on IP activity worldwide. Users can select from a wide range of indicators and view or download the latest available as well as historical data according to their needs.

If you have special needs for your patent related research projects, please contact us ( for additional tools and information.