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Starting Your Podcast

This guide contains links, documents, and reminders to go with the Starting Your Podcast series of classes.

Developing Your Show Idea

Are you interested in podcasting but aren’t sure what kind of show you want to create? This guided brainstorming activity is an interactive, high-speed version of show development. Attendees will leave with a plan for a show that they can put into action immediately, and a system to develop future ideas.  

Be sure to bring your preferred writing tool (paper, laptop, tablet, etc.) for your work during the session. 

Want to start a podcast? Answer these questions

1)   What is this podcast about?

2)   What do you want to communicate about that subject?

3)   Are you advocating, reporting, inspiring, or educating?

4)   What's the title?

5)   Is this subject exhaustible? If so, how many episodes do you want to make?

6)   What is your guiding aesthetic and viewpoint?

7)   What format will you use?

8)   What will you accomplish with a pilot episode? and ​What structure does that suggest?

9)   What goes in the pilot episode? and​ Do you have the skills and resources for all those things?

10) When will you start?