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Starting Your Podcast

This guide contains links, documents, and reminders to go with the Starting Your Podcast series of classes.

Audio Editing for Podcasts

An essential skill for podcasting is audio editing. Featuring the digital audio editor Audacity, this workshop will help attendees learn how to cut separate recordings together, how to cut out “um” and “uh,” how to remove background noise, and best practices for recording. 

Choosing an Audio Editor

Start with this excellent (and still relevant despite being many years old) overview by Jeff Towne

            There are multiple links in the piece to other essays and resources on the Transom website, including profiles and comparisons of individual editors. Transom is a professional resource for independent radio producers and podcasters – they know their stuff.

Here are some YouTube videos for a variety of editors:

Adobe Audition



Pro Tools

For completely remote recording, try Zencastr