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LGBTQIA+ Communities and Allies



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This page gives further information on the various identity and expression terms used by the LGBTQIA+ community, including the flag symbols that are typically associated with each. Here is a short video that explains the history of the development of the Gay Pride and Trans Pride flags.


Pride Flag  Pride Flag

Transgender Flag Transgender Flag

Gender Identities

Gender identity refers to an understanding of self in terms of being a man, woman, both, neither, or other gender.

Gender expression is a similar, but can be distinct from gender identity.  Gender expression is how we present ourselves to others; i.e, what gender we project to others in terms of dress and behaviour.

Below are some gender identities that are part of the transgender and nonbinary communities at Georgia Tech.

Transgender flag Transgender - those whose gender identity differs from expectations of their assigned sex at birth.  


Gender Queer Pride Flag GenderQueer - those whose gender identity is beyond a binary notion of gender or a combination of genders.


Gender Fluid Pride Flag Gender Fluid - is an identity that is not fixed, this identity describes someone who feels a mix between traditional genders in general or situationally.


Nonbinary Flag Non-binary - an identity that neither identifies with being a man or a woman.


Where gender identity describes how individuals think of theirselves,  sexuality or sexual orientation describes romantic and/or sexual attraction that we feel towards others.


lesbian flag Lesbian - a woman whose primary sexual and affectional orientation is toward people of the same gender.


gay flag Gay - a man whose primary sexual orientation is toward people of the same gender.


bisexual flag Bisexual - a person whose sexual orientation is toward people of the same or other genders.


asexual flag Asexual - a person who describes their sexual orientation as feeling little to no sexual attraction.


Demisexual flag Aromantic - a person who experiences little to no romantic attraction towards other people


Pansexual flag Pansexual - a sexual orientation that describes sexual or affectional desire toward people of all genders.