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LGBTQIA+ Communities and Allies

Population Data

This page provides many information resources for finding out more information about LGBTQIA+ population statistics in the United States.

The LGBTQIA+ population in the south is growing. Here is a short video breaking down some of the demographics of the LGBTQIA+ population in the southern United States.

Here is an infographic showing recent US adult LGBTQIA+ population data.

Gallup poll data showing 5.6 percent of US Adults identify as LGBT

Information from: Buchholz, K. (March 1, 2021). 5.6 Percent of U.S. Adults Identify as LGBT [Digital image]. Retrieved October 03, 2022, from

Who Is Living Together? Same-Sex Couples in the United States

According to the Williams Institute at UCLA, Georgia ranks 17th out of US States for percentage of LGBT population. 27% of that population have children.

Source: LGBT Demographic Data Interactive. (January 2019). Los Angeles, CA: The Williams Institute, UCLA School of Law.


With the recognition of the growth in LGBTQIA+ populations in the USA must also come the acknowledgement that policies reflecting acceptance of those communities do not always keep up. Organizations like the Movement Advancement Project track how favorable government laws and policies are by state.  Georgia currently has a lower ranking.

Movement Advancement Project. 2022. “State Equality Profile : Georgia.” /GA. Accessed October 3, 2022.

Library Resources

Here are some library resources for further reading about LGBTQIA+ statistics and population information.