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GT SORT - Student Organization Records Toolkit

Legacy of Georgia Tech Student Organizations

Students are significant part of the Georgia Tech community, but while the University Archives has extensive records of administrative and academic departments, student organizations are underrepresented. To ensure that an inclusive history of students experiences--as seen through the eyes of students and not administrators, faculty, or staff, is documented, student organizations are encouraged to donate their inactive records to the University Archives.

Your records are essential to fully documenting and understanding the history of Georgia Tech, because they tell a story of the Institute that is often missing from the official records.

The records of the many student and community organizations make up a growing and important portion of the University Archives. These organizations include fraternities and sororities, ethnic and cultural associations, and clubs whose members share common interests or hobbies.

What is GT SORT?

The Georgia Tech Student Organization Records Toolkit, or GT SORT, is designed to assist student organizations develop their recordkeeping practices in order to preserve their group's history. By identifying significant records that should be kept and preserved and those that can be discarded, organizations can manage their records more effectively and ensure their history can be passed down to future members. 

By implementing GT SORT and working with the University Archivist, you can be sure that your group/organization's story is being preserved as part of Georgia Tech's history.

Club members lined up together on steps

Society of Black Engineers, 1982

student is sitting at radio control board with back to camera and headphones on

Student at WREK radio controls, undated

Students lined up on steps with Ramblin' Reck

Mixed Glee Club with Ramblin' Reck, 1974

Georgia Tech Archives & Special Collections

The Georgia Tech Archives collects and preserves unique historical materials to inspire new creations, advance knowledge, and encourage innovation in service towards the public interest. It is part of the Georgia Tech Library.

While Institute history is well documented through the records of the administration, faculty, schools and academic departments, records that document the Georgia Tech student experience are underrepresented. One way students can help fill this gap in the Institute's history is by donating the inactive records of their organizations to the Archives.

If your group is interested in the SORT methods described on this site, but unsure about donating to the Archives, that is okay! The archives is an option that is available to your organization for the long-term storage and preservation of your records, but it is not mandatory. 

The primary goal of SORT is to advise you on the best means of documenting your time at Georgia Tech for future generations.

What are Archives?