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Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Introduction to resources for chemical and biomolecular engineering at Georgia Tech

Introduction to research in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

This guide provides a starting point for resources on Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering. Use the tabs on the side for guidance on resources for research, including:

  • background information (includes links to standard reference sources and to Patents resource guide)
  • scholarly sources (includes link to Technical Reports resource guide)
  • pulp & paper
  • products & pricing - for sources for chemical producers and chemical prices

If you are new to the topic, go to the background information tab to get started. Scholarly sources for this discipline include journal articles, conference proceedings, and books. Go to the scholarly sources tab for list of recommended resources. 

What is Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering?

Chemical engineering is a broad and versatile discipline in which chemical engineers work on the development and application of processes that change materials either chemically or physically. This branch of engineering was originally based on the applications of chemistry, combined with the principles of physics and mathematics. Over time, and with increasing speed, it has evolved so that biological sciences and chemistry now fill the position once uniquely held by chemistry. This evolution led the School to add “biomolecular” to its official name in 2003. Revised undergraduate and graduate curricula reflect and support the diversification of the discipline.

From the School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering website.