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Chemistry and Biochemistry

Introduction to resources for chemistry and biochemistry at Georgia Tech

Using tertiary sources for background research

Tertiary sources compile, summarize, index, or help identify scholarly sources on a topic. They are useful for background research or to get an overview of a topic before delving into secondary or primary sources. Common tertiary sources for Chemistry and Biochemistry include dictionaries, handbooks, encyclopedias, and other reference sources.

From this page you can

  • Access key resources for background research in Chemistry and Biochemistry


A dictionary or encyclopedia can be a useful starting point if you are unfamiliar with a concept. The resources can give you the terminology that might be useful when searching.

Additional Resources for background research in Chemistry and Biochemistry

In addition, handbooks are very useful in research. They often summarize important concepts. The key handbook is the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, within CHEMnetBASE. That resource includes other chemistry handbooks too.


JoVE focuses on teaching the practice and theory of scientific experiments - from videos. And yet, it is also a journal - included in the PubMed resource.