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Georgia & Atlanta Business

Research Guide for Georgia and Atlanta business resources


This guide provides a starting point for resources on Georgia & Atlanta Business. Use the tabs on the side for guidance on resources:

  • Georgia Business News
  • Georgia Economic Conditions & Statistics
  • Government Agencies
  • Transportation
  • Key Georgia Industries


If you are new to the topic, consider the Georgia Business News page. Reading the "AJC" (Atlanta Journal-Constitution) newspaper, or weekly Atlanta Business Chronicle, will keep you current on important news affecting Georgia.

If you are searching for either contact information about a company, or are wanting to develop a list of companies in Georgia, then check below, for Lists of Companies.

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Lists of Companies

Develop a custom list of companies from these online resources. 

Best best: it includes branch locations of businesses, and its Advanced Search for geographies and industries (or, key words in industries) is easy to use.

Depending on how large your target company/industry is, these sources can also provide a lot of information: