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International Business

Research Guide for International Business resources


This guide provides a starting point for resources for information on international business. Use the tabs on the side for guidance on resources, including

  • Getting Started
  • Country Information & Profiles
  • International Business News
  • Statistics

If you are new to the topic, go to the Country Information & Profiles tab. Sources for international business include resources from governments and from international nongovernmental organizations (NGOs - for example, the United Nations).

For resources for detailed financial information on public corporations, and resources that include addresses of each location of a company and contact information - go to the pages for Company Financial Information and Finding Competitors on the Company Information Guide.

For industry reports and profiles, go to the Industry Overviews and Analysis page on the Industry Information Guide.

Newspaper and periodical articles also have useful information. For these, go to the International Business News tab for recommended resources.