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Video tutorial best practices


There are numerous tools to use to create short videos. LinkedIn Learning tutorials, TechSmith, Udemy, and YouTube are excellent learning resources. Georgia Tech and the Library offer access to subscription software. You do not have to use pro-level software to make an effective video. 

  • Canva and Piktochart are easy entry-level graphics creators. The Georgia Tech Library has a pro-level subscription to Piktochart. 

  • Illustrator is an advanced-level graphics editor.  

  • Audacity is an entry-level audio editor.  

  • Audition and Pro Tools are advanced-level audio editors.  

  • PowerPoint allows for audio recording over a slide show. This is an effective entry-level tool for making an instructional video.  

  • Camtasia is a mid-level video editor. The DLO committee recommends Camtasia for all beginner creators. 

  • Premiere is an advanced-level video editor. 

Further information can be found in the DLO Toolkit