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File Conversion

This guide helps users convert to / from different file formats for your project needs.

JSON to Python

JSON to Python (Reading In JSON Files)

  1. We use Python’s built-in JSON module with JSON files. Import the JSON module using the following import statement:


  1. Use one of the two methods from the JSON module to read in JSON data in Python.

The loads method parses a string of JSON code and turns it into a Python dictionary

                               jsonstring2dict = json.loads(‘jsonstring’)

                        The load method translates the data in a JSON file into a Python dictionary.

                               with open(‘jsonfilename.json’, ‘r’) as f:

                  json2dict = json.load(f)

EXAMPLE 1 (loads Method)

          We have a JSON string we are attempting to read in and convert to a Python Dictionary.


           Output (a Python Dictionary):  


EXAMPLE 2 (load Method)

           Here, we have a JSON file we wish to convert into a Python dictionary. 

           Download sample.json



There are two steps to read in a JSON file: 

  1.  Open the JSON file
  2. Load the file using the load method 

           In Python, we can do both of these steps at once like this: 


           Output (Python Dictionary):