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File Conversion

This guide helps users convert to / from different file formats for your project needs.

Data Conversion with Python: Introduction


This guide helps users deal with a few popular formats of research data. When conducting research, researchers could retrieve data of different formats, including XML, JSON and HTML. The purpose of this guide is to provide information on how to efficiently parse and convert XML, JSON, and HTML files using Python

This guide is split into the following 3 sections:

  • File Conversion with XML

  • File Conversion with JSON

  • File Conversion with HTML

For each section, the information provided includes:

  • A quick summary of what the file type is and its uses

  • Reading the file type into Python, with a coded example

  • Writing to that file type in Python, with a coded example

  • External resources to supplement this guide 


The guide is created using Google Colab so that you would not need to set up Python on your local device. Google Colab offers a cloud-based Jupyter Notebook environment for you to run your code and see immediate results. You will need to log into your gmail account to run codes on your own cloud space.