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Multimedia Workshops

This Guide outlines the variety of Multimedia offerings at the GT Library

Stop Motion Workshops- Ipad Apps

Introductory Session :  ( 50 minutes required ) :

Pre-workshop video:  IstopMotion App

Pre Req:  Reservation of tripods and Ipads for class use.

Sample Topics covered/ Learning Objectives:

  • Equipment set up
  • Sample videos
  • Stabilizing video\ Setting up shots
  • Focus, White Balance, Exposure
  • Remote camera control - IstopMotion Camera companion App.
  • Students leave session having crafted practice/ basic stop motion video.

Resources and Handouts

These are just a sample of rubrics and worksheets ; instructors may have access to other useful resources for project design.

Advanced Speciality Topics:

  • Final Cut
  • Adobe Premiere etc.

Advanced software topics can be covered but much more time is required, therefore multiple class periods or sessions are usually necessary.

Very specific learning objectives for these topics are required as well. ( Example : one workshop might focus on only Color Correction or Speed Changes.)