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Multimedia Workshops: Video editing

This Guide outlines the variety of Multimedia offerings at the GT Library


Video is a medium that can used to create  anything from short documentaries to personal statements, video art, PSAs or instructional videos. . Consider a video editing workshop to introduce your department, faculty or students to the skills they need to develop this mode of communication & content creation.

Not only does the library provide this technical training, but a wide variety of Video editing software is freely available in the Library's 3rd floor studios or via campus V-lab( . Some software examples:  Imovie, Adobe Premiere, Final cut etc.

Video cameras, Tripods ,Green Screen kits and various accessories for these projects are available for check out at the  Gadgets Desk. They can be reserved in advance for individuals or classes.- Contact Justin Ellis about video equipment check out or reservations.

Video editing workshops should be scheduled in advance- Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ notice with instructors. This allows us time to tailor a workshop for a particular audience or for course content and assignments. Classes may be requested with shorter notice, but be advised we may not be able to fulfill your request and learning objectives for the session may be limited. Your input is vital in workshop development process.

It can be helpful in these sorts of workshops to have students come with footage already shot or some video assets gathered.

Video editing workshops are generally held in Classroom 2130

Available Instructors: Alison Valk  

Imovie Workshops

When considering scheduling a session keep in mind time constraints and the skill level of the audience/students..

A pre-workshop, student-skills inventory can be a useful first step in determining appropriate topics to cover in class.

Introductory Session A:  ( 50 minutes required ) :

Sample Topics covered/ Learning Objectives:

  • Available Resources/ Equipment/ Software
  • Finding Legal Video Clips for Reuse.
  • Interface Overview
  • Importing/ Joining & Splitting Clips
  • Transitions
  • Changing Speeds
  • Basic edits
  • Filters
  • Working with Audio levels
  • Exporting a final project.

Introductory Session B:  (75- 90 minutes required or two 50 minute session):

Topics covered in Session A


  • Green Screen- Special Effects.
  • Utilizing other software or platforms in conjunction with Imovie  (example utilizing VLC for video format conversion)

Available Instructors:  Alison Valk    




Resources and Handouts

These are just a sample of rubrics and worksheets ; instructors may have access to other useful resources for project design.

Stop Motion Workshops- Ipad Apps

Introductory Session :  ( 50 minutes required ) :

Pre-workshop video:  IstopMotion App

Pre Req:  Reservation of tripods and Ipads for class use.

Sample Topics covered/ Learning Objectives:

  • Equipment set up
  • Sample videos
  • Stabilizing video\ Setting up shots
  • Focus, White Balance, Exposure
  • Remote camera control - IstopMotion Camera companion App.
  • Students leave session having crafted practice/ basic stop motion video.
  • Example Stop Motion video

Advanced Speciality Topics:

  • Final Cut
  • Adobe Premiere etc.

Advanced software topics can be covered but much more time is required, therefore multiple class periods or sessions are usually necessary.

Very specific learning objectives for these topics are required as well. ( Example : one workshop might focus on only Color Correction or Speed Changes.)