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Multimedia Workshops

This Guide outlines the variety of Multimedia offerings at the GT Library

Visual Design

Visual and Print Design  is a medium that can be used to create posters, logos, promotional materials or for product and label design..Consider a visual design workshop to introduce your department, faculty or students to these important technical skills. Example software might be Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign.

Not only does the library provide this technical training, but a wide variety of design software is freely available in the Library's 3rd floor Media Spaces or via campus V-lab( . Some software examples InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop and open source tools  etc. These software packages can be useful when creating materials for academic presentations or poster sessions.

Cameras, tripods and tools for creating high quality images for these projects are available for check out . They can be reserved in advance for individuals or classes.- Contact Justin Ellis about  equipment check out or reservations.

Visual design and Graphics workshops should be scheduled in advance- Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ notice with instructors. This allows us time to tailor a workshop for a particular audience or for course content and assignments. Classes may be requested with shorter notice, but be advised we may not be able to fulfill your request and learning objectives for the session may be limited. Your input is vital in workshop development process.

Workshops are generally held in the  Second Floor classroom (2130- Crosland Tower) where software is readily available., but workshops can be held in other classrooms on campus if required technologies are available.

Available Instructors: Alison Valk   



For software like Photoshop there isn't a linear way to learn. The software is very task specific- so advanced planning is very important so the session can be tailored for the audience/ students.

Introductory level workshops generally include sample exercises that may include the following topics:

A (50 minute) workshop will include a sample of 3-4 practice exercises

A (75- 90 minute) workshop will include a sample of 6-10 practice exercises.

Example Exercises

  • Using Filters
  • Adjusting Brightness and Contrast
  • Utilizing Cloning tools & Content Aware.(removing objects from a picture)
  • Layer Masks (blending multiple images)
  • Working in Layers
  • Cropping/custom sizes
  • Retouching
  • Creating special effects.
  • Adjusting hue or saturation.
  • Optimizing images based on their purpose. ( print , web etc)

Intermediate/ specialized topics can be planned by request.

Available Instructor : Alison Valk



Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics editing tool, commonly used by graphic designers. You can use this software to create specialized fonts , logos, infographics, charts and more.

Adobe Illustrator is an advanced tool in the Adobe Creative Suite. Training is available for this software , however (75-90 minutes) is required at a minimum for an intro session. Necessary topics cannot be covered in less than 75 minutes.

75-90 minute session would include -

Intro to the interface.and one to two practice exercises that align with the learning objectives for the project or class.

Example exercises might include :

  • Creating Custom Shapes with the Shape Builder tool
  • Creating a simple logo
  • 3-d effects on a font style.
  • Creating a clipping mask ( Custom image)
  • Converting a drawing or photo into Vector Art

Multiple sessions will be necessary for more than a few exercises.

Available instructor: Alison Valk




Adobe InDesign is software primarily used by designers and graphic production artists for layout of publications, posters, and print media. You might use this software for proper placement and sizing of assets ( text, images, logos)  on your document. . When using InDesign  in most cases you will have already gathered, created and organized necessary assets for the project.

Intro InDesign usually requires (two - 50 minute sessions) or (one 75- 90 minute session) to cover the basics.

Advanced topics - require at least 2 workshops.


Sample beginning topics:

  • Starting a Document
  • Creating custom sizes: posters, bumper stickers, business cards etc.
  • Importing Text and Images
  • Place images
  • Creating custom size images
  • Text wrap on an Image
  • Threading text
  • Creating Document templates/ master pages
  • Exporting file types.- PDF, IDML etc

Available instructors: Alison Valk