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Multimedia Workshops

This Guide outlines the variety of Multimedia offerings at the GT Library

Infographics workshops


There are many tools (both proprietary and open source ) that can be used to create infographics. The appropriate tool should be selected based on the expected learning objectives for the session and class content.

Introductory level workshops generally include sample exercises that may include the following topics:

A (50 minute) workshop will include a sample of 3-4 practice exercises

A (75- 90 minute) workshop will include a sample of 6-10 practice exercises.

Example Exercises

  • Creating images or documents in Piktochart or similar tool
  • Cropping images.
  • Clipping masks
  • Using the symbol library in Illustrator
  • Generating a  color scheme based on images.
  • Creating custom graphics / or charts.
  • Text wrap on images.

Intermediate/ specialized topics can be planned by request.

Available Instructor : Alison Valk

Sample Student Infographics

Students created simple Infographics to depict how they spent their time in a week.