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Multimedia Workshops

This Guide outlines the variety of Multimedia offerings at the GT Library

Website Creation

Web Development skills can be used to create personal portfolios, online resumes,  spotlight research or create a web presence for any number of special projects. .Consider a website creation workshop to introduce your department, faculty or students to these important technical skills. Software can include proprietary software such as Dreamweaver or open source tools, such as Wordpress, Weebly, Wix or others.

Not only does the library provide this technical training, but a wide variety of software is freely available in the Library's 3rd floor media studios or via campus V-lab( .

Website Creation workshops should be scheduled in advance- Please allow a minimum of two weeks’ notice with instructors. This allows us time to tailor a workshop for a particular audience or for course content and assignments. Classes may be requested with shorter notice, but be advised we may not be able to fulfill your request and learning objectives for the session may be limited. Your input is vital in workshop development process.

Workshops are generally held in the Second Floor classroom (2130- Crosland Tower) of the library where software is readily available., but workshops can be held in other classrooms on campus if required technologies are available.

Available Instructors: Alison Valk 

Open Source: Wordpress etc.

Wordpress workshops can include a number of topics:

We recommend scheduling two sessions. One (50- 90 minute) session to introduce students to , set up an account, and run through the basics. The second session is usually a working session where any specific questions or issues are addressed.

One (50 minute session) may include :

  • Setting up an account
  • Setting up Pages, and account settings
  • Working with Themes
  • Difference between Posts and pages
  • Working with Plugins / Widgets (adding functionality)
  • Incorporating media (images, sound files etc.)
  • Setting up basic Menus

Available instructor: Alison Valk



Omeka is a software tool that enables you to create dynamic online exhibits that showcase collections of digital images, text, and other multi-media formats in one seamless site.

Resources for Using Omeka


Dreamweaver requires at a minimum Three to Four (50 minute sessions)  to adequately cover introductory topics or an all day session scheduled in advance.

Introductory topics might include:

  • Introduction to the interface
  • Creating files and working with templates
  • Setting up a basic page- Including text and images
  •  Working with style sheets.

Additional resources: The Georgia Tech Library provides resources such as a the Oreilly Ebook collection  to help with technology related topics .Georgia Tech access to Linked in learning  also provides additional information on these tools.