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Company Information

Research Guide for Company Information resources

Bloomberg Overview

The Bloomberg Terminal is a service for financial professionals, from Bloomberg Finance L.P.  News is updated throughout the day.  Information on public companies includes many charts, to spot trends. It has real-time as well as historical financial information. Note: downloading is extremely limited.



Bloomberg Terminals on the Tech Campus

You may make a reservation to use the Bloomberg Terminal in the Library (Ground Floor, of the Price Gilbert building) 

There are also several Bloomberg "terminals" on campus, within Colleges and Departments:


Who can use Bloomberg:

At the terminal, you will need to set up a Bloomberg account. Instructions are noted on this page, and also in the notebook kept at the table for the terminal. A validation code is required; you will need your cellphone with you (a text message with the code will be sent within 1 minute)

Bloomberg Guides

The two resources below can give you a useful overview before you start at the Bloomberg Terminal.

A notebook at the Bloomberg Terminal has more tip sheets and searches.