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Company Information

Research Guide for Company Information resources

Market Share

Industry profiles often note "market share" of companies (sometimes products too). Note what is being covered -- the geography (U.S.? North America?). If it's a common product sold in supermarkets, is the data from supermarkets - or any place the product is sold? The market share has many definitions; these sources can provide some data for your research:

How significant is your target company in its industry? The following 2 sources are best bets to start.

Further, news about your company, in periodical articles and newspapers, may note the market share too. Yet, the phrasing might be different. 

  •   If you know the product(s), consider searching for the product name and add a phrase such as "market share" .
  •   Or, in Advanced Search, in the first search box enter the product name, and in the second search box, add more than one phrase, for example:  "market share" or "share of the market"

     check key Company News page for the top recommended online resources.


Business Rankings

How does your target company compare to others? While a company or industry profile often has brief information, consider also checking the key sources listed below.

Also, "trade periodicals" - what executives read for news in their industry - might have annual top/ranked lists of companies.  Or, another magazine could compile a ranking. For example, Newsweek lists America's Greenest Companies. Check the "Best Bets" for business databases.

Addresses, Lists, and Contact Information

Create customized lists of potential target companies with these online resources: