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Company Information

Research Guide for Company Information resources

Company News

Periodicals have a wealth of information.  For a large corporation or topic, a cover story feature provides a great overview. A "trade" periodical is what people in an industry might often read.  The Library's paid subscriptions are supplemented by what is available through our large database providers - saving you time! 

   Listed here are best bets:

Today's News

Knowing about key business news from today or the past few days is essential. This is for several reasons - other sources are issued or updated less often. What's currently happening in the business world can impact your target company.

Newspapers - Searching

Finally - newspapers - especially ones in the city in which a company is headquartered - may be useful in your search. While there may be news about major contracts the company has landed, there could also be longer articles that are in-depth.  The following sources cover the most number of newspapers: