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Company Information

Research Guide for Company Information resources

Public ? - or - Private ?

If your target company is "public" - then detailed financial information is typically available (in the U.S. these companies have to file financial statements with the Securities and Exchange Commission - SEC).  While what is filed with the SEC is free to all to view, other sources add value to the information - with ease of download, searching for many companies at once, etc. And, sources for investment research analyze that information.

 For private companies, sources with financial information are typically broad estimates.

Company Financials [public corporations]

Overall, best bets are:

These sources focus on investment advice, with key financial information:

  Annual Reports

Grouped here: the official source for the "annual report on Form 10-K" and other SEC filings, as well as tips to find Annual Report to Shareholders.  The SEC filings have detailed financial data - for example, WeWork's 2021 10-k was 734 pages. Every quarter, there is a 10-Q report. And, an 8-k is to announce major events that shareholders should know about (for example, bankruptcy, or change in corporate leadership). Non-U.S. companies that have public trading in the U.S. file a 20-F.


Corporations might include an Annual Report to shareholders on their website, under "investor relations" or similar phrase.  This type of annual report typically includes a letter from the Chief Executive Officer, summary financial data, results of operations, some market segment information, perhaps new product plans and selected subsidiary activities.

Private Companies

As private companies do not have audited financial statements, the following databases have estimates of financial information for companies.