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Company Information

Research Guide for Company Information resources


This guide provides a starting point for resources on company information. Use the tabs on the side for guidance on resources, including

  • Getting Started
  • Company Profiles
  • Company Financial Information
  • Finding Competitors
  • Company News
  • Bloomberg Terminal

If you are new to the topic, go to the Company Profiles tab. Sources for company information include directories (with addresses of each location of a company, contact information, and more). Go to the Finding Competitors tab for recommended online resources. Financial databases (for public companies) include stock prices, news on mergers, and more.  Newspaper and periodical articles also have useful information on companies. For these, go to the News Source tab for recommended resources.  Related guides include:

And, the 2 "best bet" sources, listed below,  of Business databases -  which include many business periodicals - search for your target company and add the concept/topic you're interested in - a recent or possible merger, a strategic plan, an interview with the CEO. Any questions? Please feel free to contact us for tips!