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Economic Census

April 2020 - US Census Bureau COVID-19 Data Hub - Centralizes data previously released from the American Community Survey and the County Business Patterns progr.

The Economic Census of 2007, 2002, and 1997 were available via American Factfinder , from the Census Bureau, until April 2020. Info. is now via Data.Census.Gov 

The release schedule for the 2017 Census indicates the month in which statistics will be available.  The Annual Survey of Manufactures is conducted in years NOT ending in 2 and 7. See also the Economic Census website from the Census Bureau.

Note: industry codes are NAICS ; prior censuses had data in SIC codes.  The concordances page from the Census Bureau provides spreadsheets of the codes (there have been several editions of both codes).  See the bridge table sites below, originally on the Census Bureau page, and now from And, the Census Bureau still has a page for Comparing Historical Data


Per the Census Bureau website, "Scanned images in PDF and other formats are available for publications from the 1967 to 1987 economic censuses via the search at, using terms like "1987 census of retail trade Virginia".

Annual Survey of Manufactures

The Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM) is conducted in years NOT ending in 2 and 7.

Earlier years are available offsite, in the Library Service Center (C3.24/9-2 ). Please request needed years to be sent to the Library.

Business Patterns

Issued annually since 1964 (ZIP code level since 1994).  As of 2019, data to be in

Formerly titled "County Business Patterns".

Current Industrial Reports