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Census data

Key tools for free Census data other than the Decennial Census:

  • QuickFacts  - can select by state, county, city, town, or zip code. From the Census Bureau.
  • Georgia QuickFacts - key data for each county, city, zip code.  From the Census Bureau.
  • Census Business Builder - from the Census Bureau - 2 editions. Small Business ed.:" key data for their business plan or to better understand their potential market." ; Regional Analyst ed: "broad portrait of the people and businesses in their service area."  Also includes selected consumer spending info. from Esri.
  • American Community Survey - data is within platform below
  • - replaced American FactFinder. Tip: Use Advanced Search

Census 2020

Census 2010

Census 2000

Historical Census

April 2022 -  Census 1950 released - all names, all info.

While much is online from the Census Bureau, researchers may need to go to a National Archives (NARA) location for microfilm.  The National Archives at Atlanta is is in nearby Morrow, GA (5780 Jonesboro Rd., on the campus of Clayton State Univ.). Its visitor hours are Mon.-Fri., 8:30am-5:00pm. NARA's microfilm catalogs may be useful to peruse before a visit.  The Georgia Archives are at 5800 Jonesboro Rd (also on campus of Clayton State Univ.).  Visitor hours (as of March 2017):  Tues.-Sat., 8:30am-5:00pm.

The Library subscribes to Ancestry Library edition database (from and ProQuest), which has census population schedules up to 1940 - with names    Search tips and more info. :

Social Explorer (library has one seat license for GT-authenticated users - please "sign out" after use.

Genealogy charts are on the National Archives site

Here are specific links to Census Bureau pages for Georgia: