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For most links to coronavirus COVID-19, see "Health Info." tab; for business aspects, see Business & Management research guide, Hot Topics page.

As of 3/25/21, ALL in Georgia who are over the age of 16 eligible [3/23 announcement, Gov. Kemp press conference]

mid-March 2021 - for 8 week, Mercedes Benz Stadium in Atlanta will be a federally-run mass vaccine site - sign up at:

Vaccine production - testimony by executives from Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson - 2/232021 - how many doses they can manufacture, where, and by the end of March, May, and June/July.

Public wi-fi locations in Georgia, from Georgia Broadband Deployment Initiative ; public library parking lots have wi-fi too.

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For daily highlights of the President Biden's actions, consider checking the White House Briefing Room
New York Times special feature: Joe Biden's Long Road to the Presidency
Impeachment inquiry of Pres. Trump, Jan. 2021
   H. Res. 24, 1/13/2021

   acquittal, 2/13/20 --  vote:  53-47

Supreme Court nominee, fall  2020
   Hon. Amy Coney Barrett -- nominated 9/26/20; by a vote of 52-48, Senate confirmation 10/26/20. Constitutional oath administered by Justice Clarence Thomas on 10/26; judicial oath administered by Chief Justice Roberts on 10/27. Brief bio link is to Univ. of Notre Dame.
 Impeachment inquiry of Pres. Trump, fall 2019 - Feb. 2020

   Impeachment-related publications -- links from GovInfo (service of the U.S. Gov't. Publishing Office)

       See also the excellent guide from Bowdoin College, which also includes historical info.

   Organizing resolution, 4 pages  - Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's office (on website, 1/20/20)

   Articles of Impeachment - 12/10/19 - H.Res. 755 - official text

   Report of the House Intelligence Committee (116-335) - 379 pgs, 12/11/19

   Report of the House Judiciary Committee (116-346) - 641 pgs., 12/15/19

   Press release from the House Judiciary Committee, 12/10/19.  The committee voted on these  Articles of Impeachment; the full House voted 12/18/19. 

   Roll call vote:

    Article I : Yeas = 230 ; Nays = 197 ; Present =1; Not voting =3           

    Article II: Ayes = 229 ; Noes = 198 ; Present =1; Not voting =3

        The New York Times has a graphic of how each Representative voted .

   Next phase was the trial in the Senate - on Feb. 5, 2020, the Congressional Record was 75 pages, devoted to this. Starting on p. S936, the Senate convened as a Court of Impeachment. On p. S937 - the roll call votes re :

       Article I , Abuse of Power (52 not guilty; 48 guilty) ; on p. S938 - the roll call votes re :

       Article II, Obstruction of Congress (53 not guilty; 47 guilty).

     The President was acquitted. Note: for each, 67 votes of guilty would have been required to remove the President from office.

  The news divisions of the 4 broadcast networks (ABC ; CBS; Fox ; NBC) typically live-stream hearings/trial on their websites.

    Also, has video -- plus, many updates of key statements/responses

   For transcripts of hearings, see

         also: CQ Transcriptions (a source within Nexis Uni database - select "Menu"; "All Sources" -

    select the source and then "Add Source as a search filter")



    GovInfo (free database from GPO) has browse feature for the daily Congressional Record

    Whistleblower complaint  - Aug. 12, 2019 letter to the Senate and House of Representatives [official, permanent url from GPO]

     See also timeline and online guide from UC San Diego -- it includes a list of more than 80 people important to this inquiry.

Government shutdown, Dec. 2018 --

     Agency websites are typically not updated during a shutdown, and some might not be working. Consider using Internet Archive's Wayback Machine  to search.

    Not all agencies are affected.  Georgia Tech's Office of Sponsored Programs has a list of the ones on their Federal Shutdown Guidance page at:  

   NASA - FAQ re a shutdown (19 pgs) - explains that its furloughed employees cannot use their work email (nor access their office), and that contract employees ("nonappropriated") might not be paid for the furlough even if Congress passes legislation for the federal employees.

   FAQ from OMB (14 pages) "Frequently Asked Questions During a Lapse in Appropriations"

       OMB's website for "Agency Contingency Plans" links to plans for DoD, DOE, and others.



"Campus Carry" (Ga. House Bill 280)

   Effective July 1, 2017. University System of Georgia (USG) has issued guidelines.

   "Campus Carry"  - "House Bill 280 will allow anyone who is properly licensed in the State of Georgia to carry a handgun in a concealed manner on property owned or leased by public colleges and universities, with some exceptions."

    The guidelines note those exceptions.

 Health Care

   Sen. Cassidy's website has links to texts of these proposals/bills -- "Graham-Cassidy", or "Cassidy-Graham", or "Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson"

   "Graham-Cassidy" bill, on Sen. Cassidy's website, mid-Sept. 2017 (140 pgs)

   "Graham-Cassidy" bill, rev.,LYN17744 , on Sen. Cassidy's website, Sept. 24 or Sept. 25, 2017 (146 pgs)

   "Graham-Cassidy" bill, most recent rev., LYN17752, on Sen. Cassidy's website, Sept. 25, 2017 (also 146 pages)

      Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released a brief cost estimate report, Sept. 25, 2017 (14 pages), titled " Preliminary Analysis of Legislation That Would Replace Subsidies for Health Care With Block Grants"... ."analyzed H.R. 1628, an amendment in the nature of a substitute [LYN17744], posted on September 25, 2017, on Senator Cassidy’s website."


   S. 1804,   Medicare for All Act - introd. by Sen. Bernie Sanders, 9/13/17

   H.R. 1628, American Health Care Act [as passed by House, 5/4/17] -

          CBO released cost estimate report on 5/24/17. Summary page links to 41-page report.

          CBO released a revised cost estimate report on 7/20/17 - Summary page links to 22-page report (based on H.S. 1628, An Amendment in the Nature of a Substitute [ERN17500], as Posted on the Website of the Senate Committee on the Budget

    American Health Care Act [March 2017]  --  Congressional Budget Office (CBO) released cost estimate report on 3/13/17. Summary page links to 37-page report.

    CQ Researcher database (library subscription) has summary and chronology of Health Care Reform

Climate Change -

   Climate Change Indicators in the United States - 4th ed., 2016. Released May 2016.

   2014: Climate Change Impacts in the United States:  The Third National Climate Assessment. Released 5/6/14.

Executive Orders

    Most recent: from the website -- Briefing Room -- Presidential Actions --  Executive Orders

    Easy searching is at The American Presidency Project - can search by time frame and "Written: Executive Orders"

    Note: the GPO's database, FDsys, has permanent access to the text  -- browse from Compilation of Presidential Documents

   (issued on 3/6/17)  --   Protecting The Nation From Foreign Terrorist Entry Into The United States

            Iraq is DROPPED from the list of countries (first, though, the list of countries from the first Exec. Order is REPEATED - (b) ).

           This is noted near the top, (g) - "Iraq presents a special case"....[then several long sentences....]  ...justify special treatment for Iraq".  For the other 6 countries,  summaries from the Department of State's Country Reports on Terrorism 2015 (released June 2016) are given. It allows for "case-by-case waivers" - Section 3 (c) (i). It is effective on March 16th (Section 14) - at which time, the previous Executive Order  [same title, see entry below] will be revoked.

       (# 13769,  issued on 1/27/17 ) --  Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States 

Minimum Wage -

   OMB report - "The Effects of a Minimum-Wage Increase on Employment and Family Income", released Feb. 2014

Warren Commission Report - almost 1000 pages; now available online from GPO.


Government "Shutdown", Oct. 2013:

   What stays open and why?

         White House - OMB Memo (Sept. 17, 2013 - 16 pgs.) see especially Questions 2,3, and 5 re websites.

         Washington Post online article: Government Shutdown: A Consumer Guide, links to Details and a "Graphic" .

   CRS Reports on prior "funding gaps" : all are available at OpenCRS -

          Federal Funding Gaps: A Brief Overview -- April 20, 2011 (has Table of the "funding gaps" by FY)

          Past Government Shutdowns: Key Resources -- April 8, 2011

          Shutdown of the Federal Government: Causes, Processes, and Effects -- March 11, 2011


Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148)  -- also known as the Affordable Care Act [or by its acronym: ACA], and informally referred to as "Obamacare"

    Health and Human Services (HHS) website has:   benefits info. in "plain language"

            Key features (includes timeline of implementation)

           Georgia impact -- How the Health Care Law is Making a Difference for the People of Georgia


           It also links to the official text - in pdf, about 900 pages [from GPO - the pdf and plain text are also available via GPO's FDSys database]

    Legislative history:  Library of Congress [detailed] ; GPO [brief, but links to text] - If you are currently uninsured, you can get insurance and,  from the U.S. government's "health insurance marketplace" 


50th Anniversary March on Washington - link from the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site ( under "News")  -

    "I Have a Dream" speech (from You-Tube) -  click on "Media" - 17 minutes.

    News accounts - the Georgia Tech Library has the New York Times digital archive database - Aug. 29, 1963 articles on p.1 by James Reston, Tom Wicker, and Russell Baker (articles cont'd. on p. 16 and 17).  Also, the St. Petersburg Times - Aug. 29, 1963 - front page  -- this and many other dates have been digitized by Google.

Area 51 - CIA acknowledges - in the report "The Central Intelligence Agency and Overhead Reconnaissance: The U-2 and OXCART Programs, 1954-1974" -  posted on National Security Archive at Georgetown Univ. The map noting Area 51 is p. 58 (p. 20 of Chapter 2).

IRS - audit report, May 2013: " "Inappropriate Criteria Were Used to Identify Tax-Exempt Applications for Review"" (54 pages) - , or read the 1-page audit highlights . For all audit reports, see :

Inaugural Addresses - All are available at the American Presidency Project, from UC-Santa Barbara, at:

Gun Violance -- President Obama's plan (15 pages): Now is the Time  ; the President signed 23 executive actions. Executive Orders are updated on the White House website, and printed in the Federal Register, online via the government database FDsys. Jan. 2013.

T-SPLOST (Regional Transportation Referendum)Full project list, fact sheet, maps and more about the July 31st referencum.  From the Atlanta Regional Commission.

Facebook - IPO - this SEC site groups all of the filings.

Federal Budget

Budget of the U.S. Government - Fiscal Year 2013.  Released 2/13/2012. 256 pgs. The Appendix, Analytical Perspectives, and Historical Tables are issued separately and are included on this site.  Also available as an app. - to access on a mobile device, go to:

Standard & Poor's Commentary Report  - "United States of America long-term rating lowered to 'AA+' on political risks and rising debt burden : outlook negative".  Thanks to Georgetown Univ. Law Library for providing the link from their archive.

Budget Control Act of 2011 (S.365) - Link is on Library of Congress THOMAS database. This is the bill that passed (8/2/11). Thanks to Grace York for providing the link.  It is Public Law 112-25, citation: 140 Stat. 240 (28 pages). 

Budget Control Act of 2011 (S.627) - Link is on LC's THOMAS database. Also from THOMAS is this chart, featuring the Bill's status and CRS summary.  This was the bill in the works (end of July 2011). Thanks again to Grace York (and, for noting the CRS comments).

Food Safety

Salmonella Infections - Peanut Butter -  Info from the CDC. Includes link to 5-page detailed list of all products affected (click on "peanut butters covered by the Sunland recall". Oct. 2012

Lean Finely Textured Beef:  The Pink Slime Controversy  - CRS Report to Congress, issued April 2012, about "pink slime".

Cantaloupe: Safe Methods to Store, Preserve, and EnjoyFrom the Univ. of Calif. Div. of Agriculture and Natural Resources.

Food - click on "Recalls & Alerts". Can sign up for automatic alerts.


American Jobs Act of 2011 (House Document 112-53) - message from the President, Sept. 13, 2011 (200 pages).

Atlanta Public Schools

Findings of Atlanta school probe (press release, 7/5/11 - Governor's office)

Investigative report (413 pgs., delivered to Governor's office 6/30/11) - note: per the Governor's office, only on WSB-TV website - divided into 3 vols. : Vol. 1 (p. 1-160) - 15 school summaries ; Vol. 2 (p. 161-349) - 41 school summaries ; Vol. 3 (p. 350-413) - includes chapter "Culture of Fear", and findings related to administrators.

Space Shuttle:

NASA - The Space Shuttle -  Timeline, orbiter facts, crew directory, and more.

Wings in Orbit : Scientific and Engineering Legacies of the Space Shuttle, 1971-2010. More than 500 pages; a treasure trove of info. It also has appendices for: Flight Information - showing patch, orbiter, crew, launch date, mission days; and: Payloads and Experiments per Space Shuttle Flight  (also in library, 3rd floor east: NAS 1.21: 2010-3409)

Census 2010:

Redistricting Data : Click on a state for total population and percentage changes. For county population, click on the county. Georgia population for 2010: 9,687,653.

Health Care

Preliminary Analysis of H.R. 2, the Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act (released Jan. 6, 2011, from the Congressional Budget Office (CBO))

Selected CBO Publications Related to Health Care Legislation, 2009-2010  (issued Dec. 2010 from the CBO). In-depth analyses (364 pages) of major health care issues.

Economic Recovery

   Estimated Impact of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act on Employment and Economic Output From July 2010 Through September 2010

   American Recovery and Reinvestment Act -- P.L. 111-5 (123 Stat. 115)


    New Atlanta Airport International Terminal Opens - AJC article, 5/16/12. Maynard H. Jackson, Jr. International Terminal - getting there: from I-75 - Exit 239. From the main terminal - a free 15-minute shuttle connector.

    TSA Begins Testing New Advanced Imaging Technology Software - Feb. 1 press release: Atlanta is 1 of 3   airports testing this new software. It eliminates "passenger-specific images and instead auto-detects potential threat items and indicates their location on a generic outline of a person"

     TSA: Frequently Asked Questions - Advanced Imaging Technology - lists U.S. airports with full-body "scanning" technolgoy. Hartsfield-Jackson is one.


   Toyota Recall Crisis (2009-2010) - chronology from Motor Trend


NOAA: 2010 Tied For Warmest Year on Record - press release with statistics and chart (from Jan. 12, 2011)


Macondo: the Gulf Oil Disaster.  Chief Counsel's report (357 pgs), issued spring 2011.

Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill, Gulf of Mexico - links to university and government sources about the oil spill.

(Note: link is from "Disasters" tab, this Guide.  Or, see the Earth Day Research Guide - "Gulf Oil Spill" tab.

 Update: Jan. 2011, the BP Oil Commission released a 400-page Report, and an 80-page Recommendations. For info. about these reports, see "Hot Docs" box, this page.)