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Government Information

Research Guide for Government Information resources

General Statistics

General Sources

Stats By Broad Topic





·         Defense/Military

o   Department of Defense facts and statistics

o   Department of Defense publications

o   National Center for Veterans Analysis and Statistics (NCVAS)

o   DTIC Public Technical Reports


·         Disasters

·         Economic Conditions

     Latest Numbers – Consumer Price Index (CPI), Unemployment Rate…

     Subject areas – Inflation & Prices, Unemployment, Employment, Pay & Benefits

     Featured Publications

§  Occupational Outlook Handbook

§  Monthly Labor Review


§  Banking

§  Consumer Price Index (CPI)

Ø  Gives Notes: Understanding the CPI – View Data (graph is default)

Ø  Time series

§  Exchange Rates

§  Employment & Population

§  Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and Components

§  Interest Rates

§  Producer Price Indexes (PPI)

§  U.S. Trade and International Tranactions

§  U.S. Financial Data

§  Regional Data


     "Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District" report

     Very brief

     National Summary, Atlanta Sixth District (9/9/09), etc.

o   Federal Reserve

     Economic Research & Data

§  Statistical Releases and Historical Data

Ø  Consumer Credit

Ø  Foreign Exchange Rates

Ø  Flow of Funds Accounts of the United States

Ø  Debt growth

Ø  Mortgage Debt Outstanding

o   Survey of Current Business

     Bureau of Economic Analysis

     Search by Date  (1994 to current)

     GDP and Other Major NIPA (national income & product accounts) Series (1929 to current)

     Monthly; prepared by the Council of Economic Advisers for the Joint Economic Committee

     Consumer Price Index

     Gross Domestic Product (GDP)

     Unemployment Rates

     New Construction

     Industrial Production

     Federal Finance

§  Federal Receipts, Outlays, and Debt

§  Interest Rates and Bond Yields

Ø  Prime Rate

Ø  Federal Funds Rate

§  Federal Receipts by Source and Outlays by Function

Ø  National Defense

Ø  Health

Ø  Medicare


     Budget of the United States Government

     Economic Indicators

  • Track the Money. Access to data related to Recovery Act spending and allows for the reporting of potential fraud, waste, and abuse.


·         Education

o   Digest of Education Statistics

o   NCES annual reports

o   U.S. Census education statistics

o   Department of Education Research & Statistics

o   National Science Foundation Division of Science Resources Statistics Publications and Data

o   ERIC, Educational Resources Information Center database

·         Energy


-   Energy Sources

§  Coal, Electricity, Natural Gas, Nuclear, Petroleum, Renewable & Alternative Fuels

o   Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy Publication & Product Library

o   National Renewable Energy Laboratory Publications

o   Energy Citations Database ; ETDE World Energy Base


·        Environment


-   Air pollution data, ozone forecasting, and more for specific metro areas

     National Environmental Publications Internet Site (NEPIS)

     EPA publications

     Climate Change, EPA

     Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center. 2003. Trends Online: A Compendium of Data on Global Change. Oak Ridge National Laboratory, DOEH 

     Learn the issues, EPA

o   Pollution (water, air, wastes)


·         Finance and Banking

     Auto Loans, Bank Cards, Mortgages, Student Loans


     The Foreclosure Research Center

§  Snapshot of Mortgage Conditions with an Emphasis on Subprime Mortgage Performance (21 pages 8/08)

§  Synopses of Selected Research on Housing, Mortgages and Foreclosures (90 pages 9/08)


·         Georgia and Atlanta Business


     Georgia Statistical Abstract (biennial)

     Georgia Business and Economic Conditions (quarterly; online only now)

     Georgia Economic Outlook (annual)

     Georgia Housing Permits (annual)

     Data (left column)

§  Housing  - Housing Units Authorized by Building Permits (Estimates with Imputation New Residential Construction).  Monthly and Annual